José Laganière | VAT News| Published October 25, 2017 

Even though she is now 17, Jessika already knows the serious repercussions that drug and alcohol use can have on a life. She says legalizing marijuana in Canada is a big mistake.

The last few years have not been easy for Jessika. After smoking her first pot joint when she was only 11, she then fell into alcohol and other harder drugs. Powerless, her parents witnessed this drift until a six-month therapy at the Portage Center finally came back on track.

With the forthcoming legalization of marijuana, Jessika and her mother are extremely worried about the harmful effects of this measure. "I saw lots of people scrap, people in psychosis, I saw all the colors and all the people who consumed with me started with pot and then switch to other drugs" , she told TVA News.

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